Environmental engineering applications

Roots Blower in the field of environmental engineering:

Roots fans are also widely used for waste gas treatment. Such as common water treatment, exhaust gas purification and other processes, Roots fan can achieve 

the absorption and purification of harmful gases, so as to achieve the effect of reducing or eliminating harmful gases. This is because the Roots fan is small in 

size, light in weight, stable in operation, low in noise, and has a high pressure ratio and flow rate, which can achieve a high suction and discharge efficiency and

 meet the high efficiency requirements of the chemical industry for waste gas treatment equipment.

Waste gas treatment is an essential link in modern chemical production. Roots blower can provide blast effect for waste gas treatment and increase the efficiency

 of waste gas treatment. For example, in industrial wastewater treatment, Roots blowers can send air into the water to help microorganisms degrade organic pollu

tants. In waste gas treatment, Roots blowers can make the air fully mixed, thereby improving the efficiency of waste gas treatment. In summary, Roots blowers are 

widely used in the chemical industry, which can not only improve production efficiency, but also contribute to the cause of environmental protection.

In the sewage treatment industry, because the sewage tank needs to inject oxygen for microbial oxidation and decomposition, in the sewage treatment industry, 

Roots fan can provide quantitative oxygen according to the different water depth and the different tonnage of the treated water, and promote the oxidative 

decomposition of microorganisms. Roots blower is the core equipment in sewage treatment, the working efficiency of the fan can directly determine the effect of 

sewage treatment, biological treatment of sewage, in order to promote the growth of aerobic microorganisms, must provide sufficient oxygen, aerobic microorganisms 

can promote the occurrence of metabolism, decomposition of suspended matter in sewage and nitrogen and phosphorus and other organic compounds.

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