Food processing applications

Grain/food processing applications:

Roots fan has a wide range of applications in grain transportation. Mainly used in food storage, transportation and processing links, its role is to transport food 

from one place to another place to ensure the quality and safety of food in the transportation process.

In grain storage, Roots fans can be used for ventilating, cooling, drying and dehumidifying granaries. Through the ventilation of Roots fan, the hot air, moisture 

and impurities in the granary can be discharged to keep the grain dry and clean; At the same time, it can also circulate air to prevent deterioration of food.

In terms of grain transportation, Roots fans can be used for grain unloading, loading, transportation and unloading. When the grain is loaded, the Roots fan can

 achieve uniform delivery of grain to avoid grain extrusion and damage. In the process of grain transportation, the Roots fan can realize the stable transportation 

of grain to avoid the damage of vibration and shock during the transportation process. When unloading grain, Roots fan can realize rapid unloading and uniform

 distribution of grain, reducing the time and cost of grain unloading.

In terms of grain processing, Roots fans can be used for pneumatic conveying and dust treatment of grain processing. Through the pneumatic conveying function

 of Roots fan, the grain can be transported from one processing link to another processing link to improve production efficiency and quality; At the same time, it 

can effectively deal with dust and particle pollutants, and ensure the health and safety of workers.

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