Application of snails in chemical fiber textile industry

Application of screw blower in chemical fiber textile industry:

Textile equipment uses the negative pressure caused by screw blowers to separate the spinning goods and water caused by textile machinery and equipment, 

which is also a common dedrying method on textile industry equipment. In addition, the residue caused by the line knot in the whole process of textile can be

 digested and absorbed by the adsorption force of the cooling fan, thereby improving the product quality, and improve the work efficiency, which can quickly 

and neatly adsorb fine dust and water beads, and the actual effect is excellent.

When the model is selected, the moisture-proof and extended air pump is generally selected, and the output power of the cooling fan is determined according 

to the actual application. Screw blower with large inclination Angle leaf design scheme, smaller volume, lighter net weight, higher working pressure; It has the

 dual function of blowing and breathing, and can be used for breathing or blowing. Because of the screw vacuum pump inside the screw blower, the output steam

 body is clean, and there is no need to worry about the environmental pollution of the pneumatic valve. The built-in anti-seismic installation foot of the cooling

 fan can minimize the vibration of the equipment during operation, which is very convenient and saves the installation cost and installation cycle time.

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