Aquaculture industry applications

Application of Roots fan in aquaculture:

1. Oxygen supply: aquaculture often requires a large amount of oxygen, and the oxygen provided by Roots fans can promote the oxygen balance in the water body, improve the water quality, and promote the growth and health of aquaculture.

2. Water improvement: The improvement of water quality in water is very key for aquaculture. Roots fan can improve the improvement of water through air flow, improve the oxygen balance in water and remove pollutants.

3. Sewage treatment: The organic matter and waste in aquaculture wastewater may cause pollution, and Roots fans are used to oxidize, decompose and treat these wastes to help maintain water quality and protect the health of aquatic products.

4. Fry hatching: Roots fans can be used for oxygen supply and water improvement, which is very important for the hatching of fish and other aquariums.

Overall, the efficient oxygen supply and the ability of Roots fans to improve water bodies make them indispensable equipment in aquaculture

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