Let me introduce you: How to cool the Roots fan in the application?


Let me introduce you: How to cool the Roots fan in the application?

Roots blower to deal with the problem of excessive temperature, there are three solutions:

1, air cooling

The common cooling method of Roots fan is natural air cooling, also known as air cooling, air cooling Roots fan for most of the small model fan, 

because the small model fan in the case of low pressure, the machine temperature is not too high, so the use of air cooling on the line.

2. Water-cooled type

Roots blower in the case of insufficient air cooling, the need for water cooling, the fuel tank of the fan will be connected to the water cooling pipe, 

cooling the fan, the use of water cooling effect is still good, in our contact with customers, there are many want to change the water cooling to air 

cooling, the main reason is: water waste, water cooling needs a lot of water every day, but also a small budget.

You may say: Can you add a tank for cooling water recycling? In fact, among the customers we receive, there are those who do so, but two issues

 need to be considered: one is the floor area, the other is the water temperature, if the capacity of the water tank is too small, the heat dissipation is

 not timely, it may lead to the continuous rise of the water temperature, which will have a certain impact on the cooling. These factors should also be

 taken into account when adding water tanks.

3, fan directly into the water

There are submerged roots blowers on the market, such roots blowers directly into the water, can effectively solve the problem of high temperature, 

secondly, can also solve the problem of noise pollution, but it will be very troublesome in maintenance, because the fan host is underwater, so it is 

more troublesome to use and maintain.

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