The function and use of Roots fan in sewage treatment


The function and use of Roots fan in sewage treatment

The Roots fan plays a vital role in sewage treatment. Roots fan is a kind of centrifugal fan, named for its special structure. It consists of a pair of rotating 

impellers that mesh with each other and can produce a positive or negative pressure air flow.

In the sewage treatment process, Roots fans are widely used in aeration systems. Aeration refers to the injection of air into sewage through an aeration 

device (usually a gas disperser) to promote growth and metabolism during biological treatment. The Roots fan produces a large number of bubbles by 

providing a large amount of air to the aeration unit, and distributes these bubbles evenly in the sewage. These bubbles provide dissolved oxygen, providing 

essential oxygen and promoting the degradation of pollutants.

In addition, Roots fans can also be used to stir and transport sludge. In the sewage treatment process, a large amount of sludge is generated and needs to 

be stirred to ensure uniform mixing and degradation. Roots fans can stir the sludge by producing a strong airflow, which settles and deteriorates. At the same

 time, Roots fans can also be used to transport sludge from one treatment unit to another, such as from the sedimentation tank to the anaerobic digestion tank.

In summary, Roots fans play a key role in sewage treatment, including providing dissolved oxygen, promoting the degradation of pollutants, and stirring and 

transporting sludge. These functions are essential for a stable wastewater treatment process.

Desulphurizing Roots fan action

Desulphurization Roots fan is mainly used in flue gas desulphurization system, its role is to provide pressure and flow, the flue gas is extracted from the chimney

 and processed by desulphurization equipment. Specifically, the desulphurization Roots fan generates airflow through a rotating impeller, which inhales and exits

 the flue gas into the desulphurization equipment. In the desulfurization equipment, the flue gas is in contact with the desulfurizer sprayed, so that the harmful 

substances such as sulfur dioxide in the flue gas can be obtained. The key role of the desulphurization Roots fan is to provide sufficient pressure and flow to 

ensure the normal operation of the desulphurization system to achieve the purpose of purifying the flue gas.

For the selection of desulfurization Roots fan, I need to understand some key information before I can give advice. Here are some factors to consider:

1. Working conditions: Please provide the temperature, humidity, air pressure and other information of the working environment.

2. The body: Please provide the flow, pressure, temperature and other parameters of the body, as well as the composition and corrosiveness of the gas.

3. Device requirements: Please provide the required fan capacity, static pressure, noise limits and other requirements.

4. Economy: Please provide a budget range in order to consider cost effectiveness.

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