How does the Roots fan work?


How does the Roots fan work?

Roots fan is a working principle based on continuous volume, mainly through the rotation of the gear or impeller, so that the air between the gear 

or impeller and the housing to produce continuous compression and expansion, so as to inhale and discharge the real air.

Specifically, the Roots fan has two rotors arranged in a figure of eight, which drive each other through a pair of synchronous gears. There is a small

 gap between the flange of the impeller rotor and the housing. In the process of rotation, the impeller rotor inhales the gas from the suction inlet 

through continuous contraction and expansion, and then compresses it and pushes it to the outlet.

The working process of Roots fans has the following advantages over other types of fans:

1. It has large air volume and good stability.

2. It has low noise and low vibration.

3. Its size is relatively small, but the power is large.

The working principle of Roots fan is relatively simple, and the failure rate in use is also relatively low, so Roots fan has been widely used in industrial


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