Can Roots fans operate under load? What are the dangers?


Can Roots fans operate under load? What are the dangers?

Roots fan can not be operated with load, and some hazards in the load operation process can be understood:

1. Overload causes machine failure

If the Roots fan is overloaded, it will increase the burden of the machine, lead to wear and failure of the components, and may even lead to long-term damage to the machine.

2. Energy waste and inefficiency

Excessive load will cause the speed of the Roots fan to decrease, reduce efficiency, and consume more energy, shorten the service life of the equipment, and increase energy costs.

3. Noise and vibration

If the Roots fan runs at a high load, more noise and vibration will be generated, potentially threatening the quiet environment around the device and the device itself.

To sum up, Roots fan load operation needs to pay attention to proper control of the load, avoid excessive load, regular maintenance and maintenance, to ensure the operation of the equipment.

Compared with other fans, Roots fans have the following characteristics:

1. No oil and no pollution

Roots fans do not need lubricating oil, so there is no oil pollution and pollution sources, can meet the needs of high quality compressed air or gas delivery.

2. Flexible installation combination

Roots fan can be flexibly combined into a variety of working states according to needs, which can realize the use of multiple functions of a host and increase its applicability.

3. Small size and light weight

Roots fan adopts a special rotor profile design, making it small in size, light in weight and easy to install.

4. Low pressure fluctuation

The Roots fan adopts the mutual mask of the positive and negative rotor tooth shapes, so that the output gas volume is stable and the fluctuation is small, which will not affect the stability of the subsequent process, and is conducive to maintaining the steady state of the system.

5. High reliability

The Roots fan has no contact parts, so it has less friction and wear during use, simple maintenance, low maintenance cost and high reliability.

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