Screw blower daily maintenance precautions


Screw blower daily maintenance precautions

After the factory purchased the blower, it is necessary to maintain the blower according to the maintenance time, and now most air 

compressor manufacturers can remind users online of the need to maintain and replace the time. But factories also need to do routine 

maintenance work. Here are 8 daily maintenance precautions that can be done by the factory itself.

Screw air compressor

1. If there is high temperature warning or other alarm displayed on the boot panel.

(1) Please check whether the oil level is normal (the startup state should be between the two red lines, lower than the lower red line or 

no oil can be seen, need to stop and fill from the fuel port)

(2) Whether the radiator is blocked (whether the radiator is transparent or dusty with a flashlight).

2, different grades and different manufacturers of lubricating oil prohibited mixing, prohibited the use of unqualified lubricating oil.

3, keep the air flow of the screw blower room, the blower and the surrounding environment clean.

4, every 2-4 days, stop to take out the air filter element, blow out the dust inside the air filter element and the air filter cover shell from

 the inside out, and then install it back. (Note :24 hours non-stop direct replacement of spare air filter element).

Screw machine

5, every day/shift to blow the blower radiator and all air inlet dust and cold drying machine radiator. Weekly purge, electrical appliances, 

motors and disassemble the radiator cleaning plate to thoroughly clean the dust. (Note: To shut down and clean the power off, use dry 

gas, blow the radiator from outside to inside to open the door of the air compressor, after blowing the radiator, install the radiator cleaning plate).

6, the first guarantee of the air compressor to replace the lubricating oil, oil grid, air filter, the time is 500 hours or 3 months, the big guarantee is 

1 year or 3000 hours or according to the viscosity of the lubricating oil, replace the oil, oil, oil grid, air filter. The activated alumina and molecular

 sieve of the adsorption dryer and the filter element of the precision filter are recommended for 1 year or 3000 hours, or if the moisture content

 of the lubricating oil is found to be large, please replace it immediately.

7. Periodically discharge the condensate of the gas storage tank and precision filter every day.

8, half a year or 3000 hours regularly add motor special grease to the front and rear ends of the motor (note; No need to fill one shaft).

Summary: The maintenance of the screw blower must be carefully operated in accordance with the standard, which can not only save the cost

 of the factory, but also extend the use time of the blower.

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