What are the characteristics of the material of Roots blower?


What are the characteristics of the material of Roots blower?

Three-leaf Roots blower is a commonly used blower model, and its material characteristics are as follows:

1. Wheel hubs and blades: Usually made of cast iron or alloy materials to ensure sufficient strength and durability. These materials are able to withstand high-speed 

rotation and high pressure differentials while resisting wear and corrosion.

2. Casing: commonly used materials are cast iron and steel plate. The casing needs to be rigid and sealed enough to keep the blower running properly and leaking.

3. Bearings and seals: Usually made of high-strength alloy steel or special wear-resistant alloy to ensure the reliability of bearings and the sealing performance of seals.

4. Lubricating oil: In order to maintain the normal lubrication and cooling of the internal parts of the blower, synthetic lubricating oil that operates reliably under high 

temperature and pressure is generally used.

In general, the material selection of the three-leaf Roots blower needs to have high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and sealing properties to adapt

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