What are the advantages and disadvantages of Roots fans?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of Roots blowers?

1. Advantages of Roots fan

(1) Under normal circumstances, the change of pressure has little effect on the air volume, and the speed of the Roots fan is positively correlated, so the Roots fan is basically a fixed volume;

(2) No pulse when breathing and exhaust, no buffer tank required;

(3) Small footprint, easy to layout and installation;

(4) Between rotor and transfer. A rotor is retained between the rotor and the housing

0.2-0.5mm will not have friction conditions, allowing the cyclone to contain dust;

(5) Compared with hydraulic jet pump and water ring vacuum pump, there will be no "exhaust moisture" problem;

(6) Reliable operation, convenient maintenance, durable.

2. Disadvantages of Roots blower

(1) Loud noise, enter. The outlet must be installed with silencer;

(2) In the high vacuum environment, the air permeability of the leaf gap is aggravated, which reduces the conveying capacity and easily causes pipeline blockage.

3. Wide range of air volume. There are many kinds of Roots fans, such as three-leaf Roots fans, two-leaf Roots fans. Bipolar series Roots fans, of which three-leaf Roots fans are commonly used, are also a small air volume. Two-leaf Roots fans are generally used for quantity. If the pressure is not very large, the air volume is very large, you can use a two-leaf Roots blower. If the pressure is large and the air volume is large, the double-pole series Roots fan can be adopted.

Step 4: Strengths

They say there's a wide range of pressures. The flow range is wide, but the integration of air volume and pressure is the advantage of Roots blower, which can keep the air volume stable under pressure, in other words, when the Roots blower encounters the pressure instability, it can also maintain the stable air volume of gas transport.

5. Price advantage

The nature of the work must be specific air volume and specific pressure. As long as it can meet the pressure category of Roots blower, Roots blower is a fan. Compared with other fans, the price of Roots blowers is cheaper.

We mentioned 5 advantages of Roots blowers above, but we did not mention some advantages, such as simple maintenance. Simple installation. Small footprint, etc. Let's talk about the defects of Roots blowers, which is also a common problem with Roots blowers. As anyone in the industry knows, there is no hiding place.

1. Loud noise

Roots blowers are known for their loud noise. The current method is to install sound insulation, there is no other more effective method. Because the fan will compress the gas during operation, the noise will be greater.

2. Energy consumption problem

Because Roots fans usually operate at an efficiency of around 85, more energy is needed to ensure overall efficiency.

This is our customer to be repaired, there are two kinds of defects to make more reflection to us. The main points are easy to deal with, and the energy consumption problem can only be solved by replacing more advanced equipment, and the price will naturally be higher.

Roots blower air intake is a very important position, including the filter device and noise reduction system, so the air intake is a very important position.

1. Filter the dust

The main function of the Roots blower intake air filter is ash removal. Because of the design structure, Roots blowers have specific specifications for internal voids, which cannot be too small or too large. According to the regulations, the air sucked by the blower should be clean air. Too much outside dust enters, and the inside of the blower is damaged. As time goes on, there will be breakdowns. Therefore, the provisions of Roots blower for soot control are still relatively strict.

2. Excessive concern for oil and gas

Compared with dust, oil and dust are more likely to cause fan failure, so the intake system filter oil and dust is more important, oil and dust are more sticky, as long as they are stuck inside the Roots blower, it is difficult to clean up, for methane transport customers, cleaning the Roots blower inside is crucial, regularly replace the Roots blower filter to maintain the air filtration system.

3. Reduce fan noise

The Roots blower gas intake filter device also plays a very important role in addition to the above mentioned dust overworry. That is to reduce fan noise, Roots blower noise is relatively high. Therefore, the intake system should pay attention to ash removal and noise reduction. When the noise value of the Roots blower is increased, attention should also be paid to the imported silencer when determining the fault.

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