Hot summer, our screw blower how to effectively cope with high temperature weather?


Hot summer, our screw blower how to effectively cope with high temperature weather?

In the summer, the common fault of air compressors or blowers is high temperature. So how to effectively prevent it?

Air compressor or blower exhaust temperature is too high in the summer is more common, usually difficult to attract the attention of the operator. 

The continuous exhaust temperature is too high will lead to reduced production efficiency, double the depletion of equipment, shorten the life of 

equipment, and even explosion accidents in serious cases! Therefore, it is very important to do a good job of air compressor high temperature prevention

 measures to make your air compressor fresh in the summer and ensure the normal production of the enterprise. Sazhen energy-saving air compressor has 

inspection service, timely inspection in the summer, can effectively avoid the high temperature of air compressor!

1. Ambient temperature

Sometimes the high temperature of the air compressor or blower is because the design of the air compressor room is unreasonable, the ventilation is not smooth, 

the heat emitted by the air compressor can not be discharged outside the air compressor room, and the high temperature air is inhaled by the air compressor, causing 

the exhaust temperature to be too high, which also causes the frequent occurrence of high temperature failures of the air compressor.

Summer high temperature, hot weather, factory workshop is more obvious. Exhaust fans can be added to the air compressor station building, and the air intake and 

exhaust vents can be placed on the wall facing the outdoor open space to exhaust the hot air of the air compressor station building, thereby reducing the temperature.

2. Lubricating oil quantity

Check the amount of oil, you can check the position of the lubricating oil through the oil mirror of the oil barrel, if the oil level is lower than the normal range, it should be stopped immediately, add the appropriate amount of lubricating oil, to avoid the high temperature of the unit. The oil of the lubricating oil is poor, the oil is easy to deteriorate after the use time, the fluidity is poor, and the heat exchange performance is decreased, which is easy to cause the heat of the air compressor head to not be completely taken away and make the air compressor or blower high temperature.

In addition, screw air compressors or blowers use special lubricating oil.

3, filter effect

The air filter element, oil filter element and oil component core are blocked. Air filter clogging will cause the air compressor load is too large, long time in the load state, resulting in high temperature; Blockage of the oil filter will reduce the flow rate, and the air compressor or blower will form high temperatures due to poor heat discharge. Oil clogging can lead to high internal pressure and high temperature.

4. Cooler

Check whether the cooler is blocked, the most direct impact of the cooler blockage is the poor heat dissipation performance, so that the unit is high temperature. Clean the clogged cooler frequently to avoid overheating of the compressor.

In short, a small negligence of operation may make our air compressor or blower high temperature failure, so in our daily air compressor operation, we must comply with the air compressor operating procedures, correctly let our air compressor serve us, improve our work efficiency.

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