Roots fan characteristics


Roots fan characteristics

1. Roots fan is a positive displacement fan, and the transport air volume is proportional to the speed.

2, the three-blade impeller every turn, by the two impellers three times suction, exhaust three times. The gas pulse is small, the vibration is small, the noise is low, compared with the two-blade type.

3. The impeller on the two axes of the fan and the inner hole surface of the elliptical shell, the end face of the impeller and the front and back cover of the fan and the fan impeller are always kept in a small gap. Under the push of the synchronous gear, the wind is transported from the air intake of the fan along the inner wall of the housing to the discharge side.

4, each impeller is always maintained by the synchronous gear to maintain the correct phase, there will be no collision with each other, so it can be applied at high speed.

5, the inner wall of the fan does not need grease, compact structure, stable operation, stable quality, suitable for a variety of uses, has been widely used in various fields.

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