Jiangsu Weigu Fluid July 12-14, the fourth China World Expo Chengdu Exhibition was held in West Bo City


From July 12 to 14, the 4th China Global Expo Chengdu Exhibition was held in Xibo City. This exhibition aims to

 provide new ideas and new opportunities for the development of environmental protection, green and low-car

bon industries in the central and western regions of China, and promote the high-quality development of green 

and low-carbon industries in the central and western regions. Wei Drum fluid adhering to such a concept to part

icipate in the whole exhibition, and a successful end.

Wei Drum fluid equipment

Wonderful moments of the venue

Weigu Fluid Equipment (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the development of fans, units and related

 supporting equipment research and development, design, production, sales, after-sales, maintenance and system

 energy-saving transformation. Adhering to the concept of industrial design, the company is committed to the dev

elopment of the fan industry, officially established in 2022, to revitalize the national industry, in response to the call 

of the national Belt and Road to make their due contributions, and strive to realize the Chinese dream!

Wei Drum elite team

Weigu team harvested a lot at the exhibition site, implemented the company's purpose, and promoted the application

 of our environmental protection industry. Together with 400+ enterprises at the site, they shoulder the mission of "low

carbon" in green and low carbon, and actively build a "big environmental protection" ecosystem to contribute to the

 high-quality development of green, low carbon and environmental protection. The traffic of the exhibition is also relatively

 considerable, and the industry coverage of customers who come to consult is also relatively high matching degree with our 

own business. Our face-to-face communication with customers is much better in terms of professionalism and demand than 

remote communication. We believe that the market trend of low-carbon environmental protection in China must be positive,

 and I believe that the China World Expo will be better and better.

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