?Today to introduce to you is: screw blower 5 purchase skills to master


Today to introduce to you is: screw blower 5 purchase skills to master

 Domestic energy-saving screw blowers have been widely accepted by everyone, but when we choose screw blowers, we can focus on the following five aspects to choose. 

Magnetic suspension blower

 ①, choose from the price range. The quality of the screw blower corresponding to the different price ranges is indeed different. In terms of price, there is also a big difference. For the blower used in the factory, the choice can be made within the budget. 

②, distinguish from the energy-saving effect. Many of our friends buy blowers first look at the price, and then look at the energy-saving effect, which is actually wrong. For example, now on the market to buy some very cheap blower, the manufacturer tells you that the energy saving effect is good but also save electricity, but you buy home only to find that it is three no products, but also spend a lot of money to repair and maintenance. Therefore, when you buy the blower, you should also pay attention to its energy-saving effect. 

③, pay attention to the installation of the blower. No matter which type of blower we buy, we must ask about its installation design. If the installation is not in place, or the after-sales maintenance service is not good, it will cause trouble to the user. For different brands of blowers, you can ask the installation method clearly when buying. For example, it is not a professional installer from the blower manufacturer to install it, which is very critical. Screw air compressor 

(4) Consider from the perspective of energy conservation. In fact, energy saving means that everyone is concerned about whether to save electricity. If you say which kind of blower saves electricity, I personally think that the vibrator blower is to save some electricity, the use of level 1 energy efficiency, high efficiency and energy saving, can be customized by the industry, and can better meet the needs of users! 5, to tell you a point, the blower in the purchase of power frequency and frequency conversion. In fact, the main difference between fixed frequency and frequency conversion is that the compressor speed is adjusted differently. Therefore, the inverter blower is theoretically more energy-saving. But the price of the frequency converter is relatively high. So when you buy, you should buy according to the place of use. Sazhen has professional blower selection technicians, can be selected according to the needs of users.    

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