How to choose screw blower and Roots blower in sewage treatment project?


How to choose screw blower and Roots blower in sewage treatment project?

 As a high energy consumption equipment in sewage treatment, the choice of screw blower affects the cost consumption of the whole sewage plant. The use of blowout aeration fans makes water and reactants fully mixed to provide continuous and large amounts of air in the biochemical section to provide oxygen for microorganisms. In this process, energy consumption and whether it is efficient and energy-saving, and whether the equipment is stable, all affect the treatment effect of the entire sewage treatment process. In the comparison between the screw blower and the Roots blower, 

how to choose the sewage treatment plant? 

So we need to understand how these two types of blowers operate first. 

1.Roots Blower Roots blower is a positive displacement fan, a constant flow fan, the air volume change is very small. The volume of air delivered is proportional to the number of revolutions, transporting the gas from the suction side to the discharge side. The inner cavity of the fan does not need lubricating oil, simple structure, smooth operation and stable performance. 

2.Screw air compressor The operation principle is that the two rotors mesh with each other to form a working volume, and the internal compression is completed during the process of suction and compression to exhaust, and the compressed gas is sent to the silencer for discharge. Compared with the Roots blower, the airflow pulsation is small, due to internal compression, the air pressure has been established, the pressure has been about equal to the pipe network pressure, the air is smoothly discharged, the airflow pulsation is small, the efficiency is much higher than the Roots blower, and the noise is much lower. Generally speaking, the air volume is relatively large, the pressure is relatively large, and the noise of the Roots fan is also very large, and the screw blower is a positive displacement blower of internal compression. 

The screw blower selection of sewage treatment plant is to choose the right blower equipment, and only the right one can properly improve energy saving efficiency. This is the need to improve according to the actual situation of the sewage treatment plant to select the air compressor model number, Saten to provide selection and energy saving solutions.  

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