?Application of screw blower in pneumatic conveying system of powder granule


Application of screw blower in pneumatic conveying system of powder granule

 Pneumatic conveying, also known as air conveying, refers to a way of fluid transport of materials, materials use compressed air to transport powder and small particles along the direction of the air flow in the closed pipe. The air supply equipment in the pneumatic conveying system generally has Roots fans, magnetic suspension blowers, air suspension blowers, screw blowers, etc., and the above various air compressors have advantages and disadvantages due to their structural characteristics. 

In recent years, oil-free dry screw air compressors have begun to emerge in the field of material pneumatic conveying, which is characterized by energy saving, compressed air without oil, continuous long time work, less wearing parts, less maintenance materials and low cost. Lubricating oil is injected into the compressor chamber when the air is compressed to seal the gap, cool and lubricate the parts, and separate the oil and gas in the subsequent process, so the compressed air contains a certain amount of oil. 

The biggest difference between oil-free dry screw compressors and ordinary screw compressors is that lubricating oil is not injected into the air compression chamber, so that the compressed air is completely pure. Because of the tight structure of the oil-free dry screw compressor, the energy efficiency and utilization rate are much higher than that of the Roots blower; During compression, the air is only compressed to 0.2MPa, which is more energy saving in the field of pneumatic conveying of powder particles.

 The disadvantage of screw blower is high manufacturing precision and expensive import price. With the gradual maturity of domestic research and development, screw blowers will be widely used in the field of material pneumatic conveying.    

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