Today I will introduce to you: some requirements for the installation position of our screw blower


Today I will introduce to you: some requirements for the installation position of our screw blower 

 When installing the screw blower, in addition to strictly following the correct way to install, but also pay attention to its installation location and installation environment meet the relevant requirements, otherwise the inappropriate installation location and environment will affect the use of the fan equipment to some extent. So the following Weigu fluid Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. engineers to tell you about the installation location requirements of the equipment. 


 1. Ensure that the surface of the installation position of the blower is smooth and the foundation is firm, which is about 10-25㎝ higher than the ground.  

 2. In order to facilitate equipment inspection and maintenance, there should be enough space around the installation position. 

 3. The temperature of the blower in operation should not be too high, not more than 40℃, in the case of high temperature, it is necessary to take timely cooling measures to ensure that the service life of the fan is not affected. 

 4. An awning is required for outdoor fan installation. Therefore, when installing the blower, we should pay more attention to these contents mentioned above, and after installing the fan equipment, we should do a detailed installation quality acceptance, to avoid the installation quality is not up to standard and lead to the normal use of the fan equipment. 

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