?Jiangsu Weigu Fluid give you a detailed introduction: What are the main characteristics of maglev blowers?


Jiangsu Weigu Fluid give you a detailed introduction: What are the main characteristics of maglev blowers? 

 Magnetic suspension centrifugal blower is a kind of turbine equipment using magnetic suspension bearing. The main structure is that the blower impeller is mounted directly on the extension end of the click shaft, while the rotor is suspended vertically on the active magnetic bearing controller. There is no need for speeder and coupling, to achieve a single high-speed centrifugal blower driven directly by high-speed motor and regulated by frequency converter. This kind of fan adopts integrated design, its high-speed motor, frequency converter, magnetic bearing control system and equipped with microprocessor control disk are all integrated design and integration. 

Its core is magnetic bearing and permanent magnet motor technology. 

 2. Main technical characteristics of magnetic levitation blower 

(1) Low noise, easy installation: due to the overall box structure, the fan noise is below 80dB, the body vibration is minimal, and there is no need to install the foundation. 

(2) High cooling efficiency: The cooling system adopts the combination of air cooling and water cooling, which can effectively protect the motor and realize the fan to start and stop at any time. 

(3) High system integration: imported filters, cooling systems, automatic anti-surge systems, power outage and fault protection systems, etc., users do not need to purchase other components. The Chinese touch screen displayed in real time brings convenience to the operator and reduces the occurrence of operation accidents. 

(4) Remote control: PLC+GPRS is used. Not only can it be controlled by the central control room, but also remote maintenance and debugging can be implemented if the fan fails. 

(5) Energy saving and high efficiency: the use of magnetic bearings, no contact loss and mechanical loss, to achieve high speed stepless speed adjustment, making the fan operating efficiency up to 84.5%.  

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