What are the performance advantages of air suspension blowers over other blowers?


What are the performance advantages of air suspension blowers over other blowers? 

 Air suspension blower whether it is a screw fan or Roots blower or magnetic suspension fan, it has many advantages in terms of performance, I will explain from its adjustability, system control and anti-surge device. 

 1, adjustable: air suspension blower can be several parallel work at the same time, there is no need to specially modify the system. When working simultaneously in parallel, each blower can be adjusted for different flow rates, and each blower can maintain the same margin between outlet pressure and surge pressure. The opening and stopping of any blower will not affect the change of the plant's air volume. 

 2, system control: frequency conversion system and integrated local control as one, not separately designed operating cabinets and frequency conversion cabinets. The air suspension blower is easy to use, and the fluid temperature, power consumption, air pressure, air volume, and motor revolution can be queried through the control panel in the body. It also supports digital remote control and monitoring functions, which can be controlled by the control room. 

 3. Anti-surge device: each air suspension fan is equipped with an anti-surge device for monitoring pneumatic surge, and the air compressed and filtered by the device is discharged to the air collection main pipe. When starting and stopping, the vent valve is opened to ensure no-load starting and stopping and prevent surge.

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