?Do you know why the screw machine fan is overloaded?


Do you know why the screw machine fan is overloaded?

 In fact, there are no more than two reasons for the overload of the screw air compressor fan: one is the fan failure, and the other is not good heat dissipation. What should I do when something goes wrong? 

 1. Install a pre-filter device in the air compressor inlet. 

 2. Check whether the fan has any faults, such as bearing damage or aging. If any faults are found, rectify them in time. 

 3. The screw air compressor cooler is blocked, the exhaust resistance is large, and the cooler can be cleaned. 

 4. The wiring is loose, the electrician does not tighten the control panel when it is connected, or the wire is loose due to vibration when the machine is turned on. Check the wiring and tighten it. 

 5. Install large air exhaust fans in opposite directions of the equipment room to accelerate the air flow or move the equipment room to a place with better air quality.

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