?Maglev fan and air floating fan should be how to choose?


Maglev fan and air floating fan should be how to choose? 

 Magnetic suspension fans and air suspension fans are new types of non-contact fans, with high efficiency, reliability and energy saving. However, there are still some differences between them, and the choice should be made according to the actual application. 

 The technical principles are different: magnetic levitation fans use magnetic levitation technology, while air suspension fans use pneumatic suspension technology. Fan speed is different: the speed of the maglev fan is generally higher, which can reach more than 100,000 RPM, while the speed of the air suspension fan is lower, generally below 10,000 RPM. The load capacity is different: the load capacity of the maglev fan is strong and can withstand a certain external load, while the load capacity of the air suspended fan is relatively weak. Noise difference: magnetic levitation fan due to no contact, the noise is very low, while the noise of air suspension fan is relatively high. According to the actual application, the appropriate fan can be selected. If it is the occasion with high noise requirements, you can choose the magnetic levitation fan; If you need to work under high load conditions, you can choose magnetic levitation fan; If you need low speed, high torque occasions, you can choose air suspension fan. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the specific use requirements, environmental conditions, maintenance costs and other factors, and comprehensively choose the right fan.

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