How do I cool a Roots blower?


How do I cool a Roots blower? 

 It works differently. The centrifugal fan uses curved leaves, and the gas is thrown into the housing according to the centripetal force, while the Roots fan uses two 8-shaped leaves, and the gap is small. By squeezing the two leaves, the gas is squeezed into the exhaust port. Because the working principle is different, the general working pressure is different, the output pressure of Roots fan is relatively high, and the centrifugal fan is relatively small. 

The air volume is different, the general Roots fan is used for areas with small air volume requirements but high pressure requirements, and the centrifugal fan is used for places with low pressure requirements and large air volume requirements. The manufacturing accuracy is different, and the Roots fan has high precision and strict installation requirements. High pressure three-blade Roots blower The Roots blower belt can be replaced once a year. If it breaks frequently at this time, the quality of the belt itself is the reason. Then we have to consider the other reasons above. In short, if you do not understand, you should call Roots blower manufacturers in time to find solutions and unnecessary trouble. 

There are many factors affecting the outlet temperature of Roots blower, mainly including: fan volume efficiency, working pressure, fan internal leakage, wind temperature and so on. Jiangsu Weigu fluid machinery technicians will share with you how to reduce the temperature of Roots blower. Generally, Roots blowers are installed in soundproof areas. The integration of energy-saving technologies with modern production materials has become mainstream in every industrial sector. 

Weigu adhere to a wealth of fan products, realistic and innovative, adhere to the concept of "more energy saving, easier to maintain", and constantly explore and develop more energy saving lead fan products. Weigu screw blower has. Good adjustment performance, convenient transportation, easy to centralized management and application, good adaptability to the working environment. Clean the blower and check whether the casing is damaged; Check the back pressure, check the impeller is correct or not, adjust the gap; Check the filter and back pressure, raise the clearance between the impeller and the inlet of the housing; 

Clean the impeller and the casing to ensure the working clearance of the impeller; Tighten the anchor screws and adjust the base. Compared with the required pressure, the motor overpressure difference is large, that is, the back pressure or the inlet pressure is large; Compared with the flow rate specified by the equipment, the flow rate of the fan is too large and the pressure is large. The inlet filter is blocked, the outlet pipe is blocked or blocked; What causes the lack of pressure in Roots vacuum pumps? If the pressure of Roots vacuum pump is insufficient, check whether the grease is dirty. If it is dirty, it will cause insufficient pressure on the equipment. The equipment used for lubricating oil is key. If the Roots vacuum pump overheats what to do, if the equipment overheats, it is the problem of the cold cutting device. Overheating can also occur if contact with the shaft and pump body of the equipment is made during operation. 

How to repair Roots blower? 

If each machine wants to be used for a long time, it is certainly an indispensable overhaul stage. The same is true for Roots Blower. In order for this machine to work properly, everyone should know how to repair the Roots blower. In order to ensure that the equipment is not easy to rust, first put the machine in a dry, ventilated place. Secondly, it is necessary to check from time to time whether the positioning pins of the equipment and the nodes of various parts are tightened, and whether the inside of the fan has fallen off, stains, rust, oil seepage, etc. In the future, check whether the temperature of the bearing is too high, so that you can determine whether the equipment is working normally. How should Roots blowers be maintained to extend their service life? Roots blowers have been used in many places, and their shape is metallic and easy to corrode. The erosion damage of Roots blower is divided into two kinds: partial damage and damage. 

It is easy to find a suitable way to increase its service life. Replacing parts is a way that many companies choose, but this treatment method is easy to affect the material and production process of the equipment. Proper maintenance should be carried out with some polymer composite surface coating. The Roots blower will have overload operation phenomenon during operation, which will affect the work efficiency. So how can this be reduced? 

Below, our manufacturer will give you a rough idea. First slowly adjust, slowly adjust with the load, guide the fixed power, can not be adjusted to the rated load. Rated load refers to the static pressure difference between the inlet and outlet. When the outlet pressure is normal, attention should be paid to the change of the inlet pressure. Chemistry, overload. When the fan is running normally, do not close the gate valve of the inlet and exhaust port, and do not overload the operation. 

 Because of the structural characteristics of Roots blower, the air outlet gas can not be directly returned to the air inlet of the blower for a long time, which will change the temperature of the air inlet, thus making the equipment change. If you want to use reflux adjustment, you must adopt refrigeration countermeasures. 

 When the blower is running under rated conditions, the outer temperature of each roller bearing generally does not exceed 95 ° C, the temperature of 90 boxes of grease does not exceed 65 ° C, and the vibration speed of the bearing part does not exceed 6.3. m/s. During the operation of the blower, it is necessary to always pay attention to the location of the grease and oil quantity. If the three-leaf roots blower wants to park, do not overload parking, and uninstall slowly before parking to avoid damage to the equipment.  

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