?Today I will introduce you: the application of screw blowers in the food industry


Today I will introduce you: the application of screw blowers in the food industry 

 With the increasingly prominent energy and environmental issues, the market demand for pure aerodynamic energy is getting higher and higher, how to provide pure compressed air has become a key topic of industry discussion, especially in the food industry, the quality requirements for blowers are higher. 

 Why are screw fans more suitable for the food industry Hygiene standards: food industry hygiene standards are generally high, screw blower in the design and manufacturing can be used in line with the food industry hygiene standards of the material, to ensure that the product has good corrosion resistance and easy cleaning, can ensure the health and safety of food production.

 Oil-free operation: The screw blower uses oil-free lubrication technology without the use of lubricating oil or lubricants. 

This is important for the food industry, where lubricants can contaminate or react adversely with food. Oil-free operation can also avoid the impact of lubricating oil on food quality. High efficiency and energy saving: screw blower has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving, its design and working principle make the energy utilization rate higher, compared with other types of blowers, can save energy consumption and operating costs. Stable air output: Screw blowers provide stable air output with a high pressure and flow regulation range. This is very important for processes in the food industry that require precise control of air flow, such as mixing, drying, packaging and other links will be used. Low noise and vibration: Screw blowers generally have low noise and vibration levels. In the food industry, especially in processes that require a quiet working environment or are sensitive to vibration, the low noise and vibration characteristics of screw blowers are very advantageous. 

 Screw blower Application of screw blower in food industry Air transport: Screw blowers can be used for air transport in food processing. 

For example, during the conveying of flour or powdered raw materials, screw blowers can provide a stable airflow to transport materials from one location to another, ensuring continuity and efficiency of the production line. Food drying: Screw blowers can be used for hot air circulation during food drying. 

By circulating hot air into the drying chamber, screw blowers speed up the food drying process and increase production efficiency by providing a stable hot air flow. Food cooling: In the food processing process, some foods need to be cooled before they can be processed or packaged. Screw blowers can be used to provide cooling air, reduce food temperature by cooling the heat on the food surface, and ensure product quality and safety. Gas mixing: In the food manufacturing process, it is sometimes necessary to mix different gases together to achieve a specific reaction or regulate the characteristics of the food. Screw blowers can be used to provide a stable gas flow, mixing different gases together in a certain proportion to meet the needs of food manufacturing.  

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