?What does a magnetic levitation blower do?


What does a magnetic levitation blower do?

 When it comes to blowers, their role must be pneumatic conveying, whether it is a fan used in daily life, or a blower used in industry, as well as pumps, there are many types of pumps, as long as it is said of these, basically related to gas or material conveying. Magnetic levitation blower is used to transport gas, and the role of other kinds of fans is similar, but the magnetic levitation blower has its own unique characteristics, the following Jiangsu Wei Drum fluid and everyone to talk about:

 1. Use Magnetic levitation blower can be applied to many industries, such as chemical industry, metallurgy industry, sewage treatment industry, etc., can use magnetic levitation blower. 

 2, the main role Pneumatic conveying, transporting gas from one place to another.

 3. Main features Because the bearing uses magnetic levitation, its wear is small, and the energy saving effect is good, the noise is relatively low, and the energy saving and environmental protection can be greater. Magnetic levitation because of the advanced technology, the current market is less, only a few are doing magnetic levitation blower, similar to the magnetic levitation fan is air suspension blower

 4. Differentiation Compared with centrifugal fans and Roots fans, maglev blowers have a higher cost, but because of their advanced nature, they are currently in the development stage and will gradually become popular in the later stage. Compared with other fans, the main difference is the working principle and internal structure.  

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