Do you know why an air suspension fan uses a frequency converter?


Do you know why an air suspension fan uses a frequency converter? 

 Why use inverter for air suspension fans? At present, the air suspension fan has been widely used in many industries, if the air suspension fan does not use the frequency converter, the general use is to start the voltage reduction, such as the normal operation of the fan, the motor starts to run to drive the impeller to produce air volume, the size of the air volume is adjusted according to the damper, if the fan does not have the frequency converter, the fan motor can only run fully loaded. At this time, the motor of the fan cannot change speed, which will cause the working efficiency of the fan to become low. The air suspension fan can be adjusted by variable speed after using the frequency converter. Compared with the general speed regulation method, the frequency converter speed regulation has obvious advantages over the general speed regulation method. 

   1. The use of frequency converter can effectively reduce the loss of idle work, and can also adjust the voltage according to the load of the air suspension fan. 

   2. The frequency converter uses soft start, and there is no large current when starting the air suspension fan, which can effectively save energy and reduce the cost of operation.

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