?The role of blower in sewage treatment


The role of blower in sewage treatment 

 Oxygen aeration: The use of a blower can improve the conversion rate of oxygen, but also the amount of air can be aerated, the smaller the diameter of the bubble, the larger the overall surface area, the better the effect. Mixing water: the sewage treatment pond is divided into several separate inlet compartments with partition walls, and each compartment is divided into several corridors, and the sewage flows in the corridor successively after entering the pond and is discharged to the other end. 

The blower can make the air transported through the pipeline to the air diffusion device at the bottom of the pool, which becomes the bubble dispersion and escape, the bubble enters the sewage and contacts the sewage, and the oxygen dissolves into the water, making the biological floc in a suspended state. 

Backwashing: In water treatment, after the filter works for a period of time, it is necessary to use the reverse water flow (bottom-up) to wash the filter layer, wash down the suspended impurities on the surface of the filter material by high-speed water flow, and bring out the filter layer through the water flow, so that the filter layer is regenerated, and the filter tank can resume normal work to ensure the filter speed and water production. 02, screw blower The twin-screw oil-free blower belongs to the positive displacement gas power device, which is essentially a rotary piston type machinery and has a high working efficiency. More valuable is that its efficiency curve relative to pressure and flow is relatively flat, for the pressure and flow in a large range of changes in the actual working conditions of the user, the actual machine operating efficiency of the twin-screw oil-free blower is quite excellent, that is, its average efficiency is higher. Screw blower: exhaust volume 239~8605m3/hr, exhaust pressure 0.3~1.5Bar, energy saving more than 35%... 1, high stability, 24 hours continuous operation; 2, based on internal compression, compared with Roots blower, the energy saving of the host is improved; 3, efficient frequency conversion and energy saving, system optimization and energy saving; 4, graphic touch screen control, provide remote operation, online and a variety of protection functions; 5, efficient oil-free screw rotor profile, effectively reduce fluid power loss, improve efficiency; 6, muffler with low noise type line head, to achieve low noise production space; 7, the control system is perfect, can achieve unattended and remote control; 8, three years of main machine warranty, one year of whole machine warranty; 9. Compared with traditional Roots blower, energy consumption is greatly reduced after pressure ≥0.5BAR; 10, the head exhaust pressure and exhaust nozzle pressure difference is less, low noise; 11, high strength alloy steel special treatment, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the host, longer life; 12, control system, 24 hours early warning notice, provide remote operation support; 13, the head exhaust pressure and exhaust nozzle pressure difference is small, low noise; 14, used in sewage aeration, gas-water recoil, oxidation desulfurization, fluidization/homogenization process and other processes; Screw blower advantages and disadvantages: good stability The oil circuit interface uses multiple sealing design to ensure no oil leakage or oil leakage. Tubing using steel pipe design, life-long maintenance free. The whole machine air duct is optimized, the electrical components are located in the cold air area, and the air is discharged from the electrical components, the main motor and the head by the cooling fan to prevent the hidden danger of high temperature caused by the frequency converter and the motor in the hot area. After the lubricating oil pressure is established, the main engine is automatically run, and the oil pump is automatically delayed after the main engine is shut down, so as to ensure that the gear and bearing are well lubricated during the whole operation process of the main engine Screw blower: intelligent Touch the color screen controller, the operation parameters are more intuitive, the operation is more intelligent, the automatic constant pressure frequency conversion adjustment, the pressure is stable, and the speed and the work of the head shaft are automatically adjusted according to the demand of the customer's gas consumption, and the automatic sleep and wake up when necessary, the system is more energy saving. At the same time contains motor overload protection, high temperature protection, phase sequence protection, low oil pressure protection, to ensure more reliable operation of the whole machine. Advantages of low pressure screw blower In the use of less than 2bar pressure scenario, screw blower compared with Roots fan, screw air compressor, energy saving and high efficiency, noise, service life, failure rate and other aspects have excellent advantages, large gas, high energy efficiency, low maintenance costs are its biggest characteristics. Especially in the sewage treatment industry, the electrical energy consumption of the blower accounts for 30% of the electricity consumption of the entire sewage treatment plant, which is a large-scale electrical equipment. At present, the industry is used more roots blower, high energy consumption, loud noise, short life, the use of sewage treatment screw blower instead of Roots blower, is the current trend.  

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