Today I will give you a brief introduction: the comparison between screw blowers and air suspension blowers


Today I will give you a brief introduction: the comparison between screw blowers and air suspension blowers

 An air suspension fan impeller

 (1) Principle and composition of air suspension fan 1, the composition and principle of air suspension fan Air suspension fan mainly includes impeller, air suspension bearing, frequency converter, high speed permanent magnet motor and its structure control system. The motor spindle is coaxial with the fan impeller, and the high-speed rotor system is directly supported by the air suspension bearing. Its main core technology is air suspension bearing technology, high speed permanent magnet synchronous motor and its control technology. The air suspension bearing takes air as the working medium, elastic flat foil as the supporting surface, and elastic wave foil as the supporting member. Before the operation of the equipment, the impeller rotor and the bearing are in contact, but when the rotor enters the high-speed rotation state, due to the viscosity of the air and the role of the wedge, the dynamic pressure effect will be generated between the planes. Elastic deformation of flat foil and corrugated foil occurs on the surface of foil and rotor, the flat foil is pushed away, and then the rotor is suspended. The uneven circumferential air pressure makes the foil bearing capable of bearing loads. Or more simply, during high-speed rotation of the rotor, a high-pressure gas film is formed between the rotor and the foil, thereby lifting the rotor and achieving the effect of no contact with the bearing inner wall. 

(2) Technical characteristics of air suspension centrifugal fans 1 Energy saving and high efficiency Using suspension bearing, no contact loss and mechanical loss, to achieve high speed infinite variable speed adjustment, making the fan operating efficiency up to 95%. 

2 Low noise, small size, easy to install All components (high-speed motor, frequency converter, suspension bearing) are integrated on the common base, without special fixed foundation, small size, light weight, easy installation and operation, low noise and no vibration during operation, noise level < 80dB. 

3 High system integration The fan itself has integrated the local control and frequency conversion system in one, there is no need to set up a separate frequency conversion cabinet and operating cabinet. 

Through the fan's own control panel, it is possible to set various functions and query parameters such as fluid temperature, motor revolution, air outlet pressure, air volume, power consumption, etc. High efficiency filter, cooling system, automatic anti-surge system, power outage and fault protection system are all centrally installed in the fan cabinet, which brings convenience to operators and reduces the occurrence of operational accidents. 

4 Simple use, easy maintenance, low cost, long life The fan motor is directly connected with the impeller, no gear growth device, no mechanical contact, no lubricating oil system, no wear and energy loss, low maintenance cost, power transmission efficiency of more than 95%. The impeller is made of high strength aviation aluminum and Ti material, with excellent wear resistance and deformation resistance, and the service life is more than 30 years. The frequency converter is used to adjust the air volume, which is energy-saving than the throttle valve, and the air volume adjustment range is wide, generally 60% to 100%. 

(3) Advantages and disadvantages of air suspension fans

 1. Advantages: First of all, the air suspension fan uses high-speed permanent magnet motor air suspension bearings, and the fan running speed can reach more than 2000-30000 RPM, so the mechanical efficiency is high, and the energy saving rate can reach 35-45 percent compared with the traditional fan. Secondly, the air suspension fan uses a ternary flow impeller, the vortex shell is made of aviation aluminum alloy material, and the air bearing is directly connected, without mechanical friction, and the noise is only 75 decibels to 80 decibels (1 meter). The air suspension fan has simple structure, small size, space saving, easy to move and install, can be remotely operated, monitoring, no need to go to the fan site, you can monitor the motor speed, wind pressure, air volume, electricity, temperature, filter dust and so on.

2. Disadvantages: First of all, the air suspension fan is expensive and the maintenance cost is high. Secondly, due to its structure, the traditional Roots fan can realize the use of negative axis vacuum, while the air suspension fan can not, the traditional Roots fan can frequently start and stop, and the air suspension fan can not frequently start and stop, because frequent start and stop will have friction on the air bearing, so it can not be frequent start and stop. two Composition and principle of oil-free screw blower (A) oil-free screw blower structure The structure of oil-free screw blower is generally mainly composed of outer cover, server, motor, air filter, silencer, oil pump tank and oil filter. As a key component of the screw fan, the structure of the screw host can directly affect the performance of the blower. It is mainly composed of shell, screw motor rotor, gear box, bearing, shaft seal and other main components.

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