?How to calculate and select Roots blower pressure?


How to calculate and select Roots blower pressure? 

 How to calculate and select Roots blower pressure? Different industries of Roots blower pressure calculation and choice is different, Jiangsu Weigu fluid here to introduce the 30kw Roots blower pressure calculation method. Roots blower is also known as rotary, constant volume fan. It is mainly composed of casing, shaft, gear, impeller, side cover and bearing. 

The advantages of Roots blower are: compact structure, large wind pressure, high efficiency, and air volume is basically not affected by wind pressure changes. Here we first take a relatively simple case analysis, sewage aeration treatment with Roots blower, the pressure of this type of fan is mainly the pressure of resistance to the water level, for example, the current depth of the water level of the aeration pool is 4 meters, then the pressure of the fan is only greater than 4 meters of water level in order to normal gas. Roots blower The Roots blower itself does not produce pressure, which changes according to the resistance received, and the same fan, if the water level drops to 3 meters, the pressure shown by the fan pressure gauge is at 3 meters water pressure. Roots blower to increase the pressure method: The usual solution is to replace a larger motor, but there may be a reduction in flow, so it is generally necessary to increase the speed. The pressure of the Roots blower is not the pressure that the Roots blower can produce, and the pressure that it can load, the low pressure of the Roots blower is actually not enough pressure and insufficient strength under the normal operation of the fan, and if it is forced to use, the motor will be damaged. Therefore, if you want more pressure, you must replace the motor with more power. 

After the motor power increases, the torque force will become larger, which can directly increase the exhaust pressure of the fan. Changing the system requires pressure, which is simply to change the diameter of the Roots blower outlet. Large to reduce pressure, small to increase pressure. The pressure relief valve can be installed on the blower, and the pressure relief valve can be accurate and maintain the same safe and stable pressure, once the overpressure, the pressure relief valve can be fully opened and timely pressure relief. Since the wind pressure of the Roots blower is not limited by the speed of the fan, the wind pressure can remain unchanged regardless of the speed change. The air volume is proportional to the speed of the fan, in a certain pressure range, the pressure changes with the change of the system, the pressure changes with the change of the system resistance, with self-adaptability; It has the hard exhaust characteristic of forced gas transmission, that is, when the pressure changes, the flow rate changes little.    

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