What is the difference between Roots blower and maglev blower?


What is the difference between Roots blower and maglev blower? 

 Roots blowers and maglev blowers: How different are the energy efficiency projects for maglev blowers and Roots blowers? Now more and more enterprises are widely using maglev blowers. Today, Jiangsu Weigu Fluid - magnetic levitation blower to share with you customer case is an electronic factory to use the blower. The original Roots blower was replaced by a maglev blower. 

Let's look at the specifics! 

  1. Number of Roots fans At present, there are 6 Roots fans used in the electronics factory, and these 6 fans should be replaced by a maglev blower. 

  2. Operating condition information of Roots fan These 6 Roots blowers are mainly used for electroplating and provide blowing cyclone, the actual power is 110kw, the noise of Roots blower is also very large, the overall calorific value is large, and the bearing damage is also very large. 

  3. Magnetic suspension blower Under the modified conditions, the above six Roots fans are replaced with one maglev fan, and the power after the modification is 65.3kw. The maglev blower has low noise and stable operation. 

  4. Energy consumption comparison After replacing Roots blower with maglev blower, about 44 sets of energy consumption are saved.7. 391,000 KWH of electric energy can be saved annually, which greatly saves enterprise costs. Magnetic levitation blower has low noise, high energy efficiency, large air volume, clean transport gas without impurities, and low maintenance cost. No grease is required, just replace the filter element. 

The public is familiar with Roots blowers. At present, maglev blowers are in the process of development. Many companies are now investing in magnetic levitation blowers. At a recent environmental exhibition, many customers were entertained and many questions were asked about Roots blowers and maglev blowers. Today, we will give you a detailed summary: Step 1: Price As for the price, it is a matter of public concern. Maglev blowers cost many times as much as Roots blowers. Doubt, the price of maglev blower should be determined according to the model. Many customers at the Expo asked for models priced between 200,000 and 500,000. 2. Efficiency The efficiency of Roots blower is about 85, the efficiency of maglev blower is more than 90, and some can even reach more than 95. 3. Energy Consumption If the price of buying multiple Roots blowers is similar to the price of one maglev blower, maglev blowers will save energy consumption in a year to a year and a half. The energy consumption of Roots blower is higher than that of maglev blower, which is closely related to its working principle and structure. 4. Longevity The service life of Roots blower is much shorter than that of maglev blower, which floats because of the bearing, so the service life of the bearing is very long. 5. Noise The noise of Roots blower is a common problem, which is related to its structure and working principle. Many exhibition customers also have a lot of noise inquiries, maglev noise is much lower than Roots blower. In recent years, there has been a growing public concern about the problem of noise pollution.  

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