Magnetic levitation blower installation environment requirements and precautions


Magnetic levitation blower installation environment requirements and precautions 

 The installation environment of the maglev blower can not be lower than -10 ° C, if the temperature is less than this temperature, it is necessary to install a heating system in the room of the maglev fan to keep the temperature low. When the general working temperature is less than 0 degrees, the heating system must be turned on, mainly for customers and friends in the north. The magnetic levitation blower under low temperature condition belongs to the high-speed centrifugal blower, and the magnetic levitation technology is relatively advanced. So for those who haven't used it, the wind will clean it up for you. The installation environment requirements of magnetic levitation blower are the installation environment requirements and technical data arrangement of magnetic levitation blower. Come and have a look. 

 The speed of the fan will also affect the air volume, which is easy to understand. The greater the fan speed, the more gas transported per unit time. Fan speed There are many head models of Roots fans, the small one is 50, the large one is 350. The more head types, the more air volume of the customized fan. The outlet air volume of the head type Roots fan is affected by various factors. Let's take a look with the fan. The answer is different. Benchtop power, energy saving and low noise leaf roots blower plays an important role in industrial water treatment process. 

Compared with the traditional leaf model, the leaf roots blower is more convenient to operate, has higher impact toughness, smaller load transition, and relatively weak noise and vibration. Here are some Roots blowers with low noise and good energy efficiency. The installation of Roots blower is an important process. Installing well can avoid many problems. The installation process of Roots blower is complicated and has many parts. Large Roots blowers must be installed with other industrial equipment. The following fans also sort out the precautions in installation for you. Please install these hidden negative pressure Roots blowers. Roots blowers are volumetric rotary blowers. 

In use, the flow changes little with the pressure, but the flow changes with the speed. Therefore, the selection range of pressure is very wide, and the selection of flow can be met by selecting the rate. Since there is no friction when the impeller runs in the body, there is no need to moisten, and the discharged gas does not contain oil. It is the ideal pneumatic conveying steam source in chemical industry, food and other fields. Roots blower speed is high, the gap between the rotor and the rotor, the rotor and the human body is small, less leakage, high volume efficiency. Our strong processing and assembly technology can ensure reasonable and symmetrical clearance and achieve higher volumetric efficiency.

 This process is difficult to ensure the accuracy of the cleaning fan. It is not difficult to disassemble the gear, but many netizens ask this question, the disassembly of the explosive fan gear, because different fan manufacturers have different assembly of the gear, resulting in different disassembly principles of the gear. So as long as you can understand the assembly principle of the gear, the disassembly of the gear is still very simple. Impeller dynamic balance test After the impeller of the explosion fan is repaired, the action balance test should be carried out. If it is installed directly without testing, there may be too much vibration or wrong fan vibration in the later stage. High voltage Roots blower High voltage Roots blower capacitor wiring short circuit or capacitor damage motor winding short circuit. Roots blower how to carry out no-load operation and normal load operation, blower no-load test operation. The newly installed or overhauled fan should be tested without load. 

The concept of no-load operation of Roots blower: it is put into operation with the inlet and exhaust valve open. During trial operation, pay attention to whether the spatter of grease is normal. If the amount of oil is too much or too little, it should be adjusted. The bearing part has no abnormal taste or smoke smell, impact or friction, and the axial shock amplitude is not more than 0.08mm. No-load operation for about 30 minutes, if the condition is normal, then put into load operation. Once the operation is abnormal, it should be checked immediately. After the fault is handled, it is still necessary to run without load. Adjust slowly as required, with load up to rated load. It cannot be adjusted to the rated load at one time. The so-called rated load refers to the static pressure difference between the air inlet and the air outlet of the nameplate. The important reasons for the vibration of Roots blower are as follows: suction pipe leakage. The bearing clearance is too large or damaged. Cavitation, evacuation, large pump flow is small. Anchor screws loose. The vibration of the motor is transmitted to the pump housing. 

The Roots blower is poorly assembled. This is to maintain the fan. In fact, not only Roots blowers, but also some centrifugal blowers, scroll blowers and high pressure blowers must be maintained. Only the maintenance method is different, the common is the frequency converter and the load electromagnetic protection valve. Therefore, the process of disassembling and assembling the three-leaf Roots blower should be reasonably cleaned, not only to remove the water inside, but also to dry some parts. Many parts inside the three-leaf roots blower will change after touching water, and the internal parts will rust after touching water, so we should pay attention to this situation in the future use. 

The Roots blower inlet filter is blocked: The Roots blower inlet contains a filter, which has the ability to filter impurities in the air. After a long time, the internal impurities are deposited too much, and the inlet is not smooth, which will lead to the reduction of air volume, and the inlet filter must be cleaned regularly to maintain the smooth inlet air pipe.

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