Today I will introduce to you: three points for attention in winter screw fans


Today I will introduce to you: three points for attention in winter screw fans 

 When we were young, there was no experience of burning a fire in the kitchen, and there was a bellows next to the pot, which was a air supply equipment. And the blower is actually a air supply equipment, and now after the development of the blower, has been used in a number of fields, transportation devices, processing devices, aeration demand industry, etc., if this year's cold winter is coming, in advance to remind you about the use of screw fan precautions. 


  1. How to start the screw fan correctly. Surely you look at this and think, what is difficult, is not to switch the machine, who would not? If you think so, you are wrong. Normal behavior is not necessarily right. 

Take a look at the correct use process:  

1) Turn on the power, and check whether there is any abnormal phenomenon, if no display, it is normal. 

2) Press the start button, otherwise even a short time (more than 5 seconds) rotation in the opposite direction may lead to the complete destruction of the blower bearing. If the steering is found to be incorrect, cut off the power supply and readjust the device. 

3) Start operation, the screw blower can run according to the set mode. At this time, it is necessary to observe whether the temperature and vibration of each component are normal, whether there is abnormal sound and oil leakage. If so, stop the machine immediately for inspection.

 2. How to stop the screw fan correctly. 

1) Before shutdown, make a record, write down the voltage, current, wind pressure, temperature, running time and other data; 

2), press the stop button; 

3) Close the fan outlet valve. 

3. The treatment method when the blower makes noise. Generally, screw blowers have the characteristics of low noise, so when there is a lot of noise, you need to pay attention to, first of all, check whether your silencer equipment has problems after the shutdown, in fact, check whether the blower's soundproof cover, whether there is damage, and finally check whether the ground is uneven, etc., if you still can't check out, then find a sale later detection.  

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