Jiangsu Weigu fluid introduction: Air suspension blower installation environment


Air suspension blower installation environment

 The ideal operating temperature is between -10℃ and 40℃. 

If the temperature does not meet the operating temperature conditions, install an air conditioner in the fan room. If this condition is not available, ask the manufacturer before installation. Choose an indoor area that is relatively open, clean and dry, and has enough space to ensure air circulation. If you have to install the blower outside or in a small space, ask before installation. Place the blower at least 1m away from the wall or other equipment, and ensure that there is sufficient maintenance space. 

Do not install the following places: 

1.. Where the air is salty; 

2. Where the air contains more corrosive gases; 

3. Where there is a lot of dust and sand in the air;

4. The air contains flammable and explosive gas components. 

5. In the above environment, the impeller and bearing will be corroded or worn prematurely. 

6. Avoid rain, snow or wet environments, because too much moisture may cause leakage or erosion of operating parts.  

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