Do you know the energy saving effect of magnetic levitation blower?


Do you know the energy saving effect of magnetic levitation blower? 

 What is the energy saving effect of our Jiangsu maglev blower? 

The following fluid technicians in Jiangsu Weigu sorted out the energy-saving benefit analysis of the magnetic levitation fan, let's have a detailed understanding of it. First, the energy-saving effect of magnetic levitation blower

 1. Magnetic levitation blower has obvious energy-saving effect, which greatly saves the operating cost of cement plant. 

 2. Magnetic levitation technology is a new technology, mainly talking about magnetic levitation bearing technology, the rapid development in recent years, some brand technology has been very mature, because of its energy-saving noise reduction, long life characteristics, is gradually replacing the old products in various industries. 

 3. But why do magnetic levitation blowers save energy and consumption? 

It has the following advantages: 1, energy saving 2, low noise 3, PLC intelligent control 4, maintenance-free 5, high cooling efficiency Two, magnetic suspension fan advantages and disadvantages 

    1. Magnetic suspension blower directly drives efficient fluid impeller, overcomes the shortcomings of traditional blower and air suspension blower, has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, less failure, no lubrication system, etc. 

    2. Working principle: there is no contact friction when the magnetic levitation fan is running, so the friction loss is small, high efficiency, low noise, no lubricating oil, no friction, so no wear problems, low maintenance costs. 

    3. Disadvantages: High price The manufacturing cost of maglev blowers is high, so the price is much higher than that of traditional blowers, which may cause certain economic pressure for some small and medium-sized enterprises. 

 Third, the working principle of magnetic levitation fan 

 1. Magnetic suspension fan working principle, magnetic suspension blower is a magnetic bearing technology and high-speed motor technology into the traditional fan formed by an efficient, environmentally friendly and energy-saving new blower, through the internal magnetic bearing to control the magnetic bearing through the current to generate magnetic field, while the magnetic field generated suction, so as to achieve the suspension of the rotating shaft. 

 2. Magnetic levitation blower is directly driven by high-speed motor, speed regulation by frequency converter, the use of active magnetic bearing system, through the controlled electromagnetic force to carry out non-contact, non-wear suspension support to the internal rotation of magnetic bearing, magnetic bearing is directly connected with the impeller, zero transmission loss, in order to achieve the successful transmission of gas and no wear, low noise, no internal machine.

 3. The working principle of the magnetic levitation fan is to use the magnetic force to suspend the rotor on the gas bearing, so as to achieve contactless operation. Specifically, the magnetic levitation fan is composed of the driver, rotor, gas bearing and control system, etc. The driver is the core part of the magnetic levitation fan, which generates a magnetic field through the principle of electromagnetic induction, so that the rotor is suspended on the gas bearing.  

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