Give you a brief introduction: What are the main characteristics of magnetic levitation blower?


Give you a brief introduction: What are the main characteristics of magnetic levitation blower?

 1, energy efficient Air suspension centrifugal blower uses air bearings, direct connection technology, efficient impeller, permanent magnet brushless DC motor, no additional friction. The fan automatically adjusts the motor power consumption according to the output (air volume adjustable range 40-100%) to maintain the high efficiency of equipment operation. 

2, no vibration, low noise Adopt air bearing and direct connection technology, no vibration, the fan does not need to set up sound insulation device; The equipment is light in weight, no special foundation is required, and the installation layout is simple and flexible. 

3, no lubricating oil The fan uses air bearing technology, and the system does not require lubricating oil systems, providing clean air to special industries such as electronics, medicine, and food. The operating temperature of the air bearing reaches 600 degrees, and all the drawbacks of the oil-based bearing system have been successfully solved. 

4, no maintenance There is no gearbox and oil-based bearings necessary for traditional fans, and a series of high-tech impeller and motor are directly connected without coupling, intelligent control system, and key components are AL7075 (aviation aluminum). These technologies ensure that the equipment is maintenance-free, reducing the maintenance cost of users and improving the stability of the operation of the gas supply system. 

5, operation control is convenient The fan speed, pressure, temperature, flow rate can be self-checked on the personal computer and constant pressure operation, load/no load operation, overload control, unmanned operation through anti-surge control. 

The fan adjusts the flow rate by adjusting the rotation of the impeller. According to the temperature and pressure changes of the inhaled air, adjusting the revolution can easily adjust the flow rate. The flow rate can be adjusted automatically and manually. 

6. The device installation space is small The air suspension centrifugal blower equipment is light in weight, small in size and easy to install, which can greatly save the investment of the user's building and auxiliary electrical control system.  

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