?Jiangsu Weigu fluid introduction: Air suspension blower lubrication system maintenance


Jiangsu Weigu fluid introduction: Air suspension blower lubrication system maintenance 

 Our air suspension blowers are widely used in the ventilation, dust removal and cooling industries of factories, mines, ships and buildings, of which the lubrication system is an important part. Under normal conditions, it helps to protect the normal operation of the air suspension centrifugal blower, but when the lubrication system has a problem, its working ability will be greatly reduced, and even affect the normal work of the customer's entire production line. 

Therefore, the lubrication system of the air suspension blower needs our special protection. We must understand the lubrication system and know its basic concept, which is a prerequisite for improving the lubrication effect of the air suspension blower, so we must first understand the role of different components of the lubrication system in order to make the next step. 

The amount of oil stored in the oil tank of the lubrication system is its power, and it must not be exhausted. If the oil storage is exhausted, it will cause a very serious loss of parts, so to improve the efficiency of the fan, it is necessary to check the oil storage from time to time, when the oil is low, it is necessary to add, and it can not damage the machine and equipment.

 The quality of the oil should be paid special attention to, so you can not use cheap oil mixed with water. The air suspension blower is equipped with different types of filters, their role is mainly to enter the air suspension centrifugal blower part of the external environment in the debris and air suspension blower operation process of some impurities filter out, to avoid their impact on the air suspension blower after entering the tank and resulting in equipment failure. When we use air suspension blowers, the lubrication system will also be in disrepair and aging. When overhauling the lubrication system of its fan, it is necessary to check the aging of some of its components to ensure that each component remains available to ensure the normal operation of the lubrication system.    

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