?Do you understand the composition of air suspension blower?


Do you understand the composition of air suspension blower? 

 Blower products have been widely used in various industries. Air suspension blower is a type of blower. 

The air suspension blower is a process to improve the speed of the blower, and the lifting requirements can be achieved by single-stage centrifugation. Then let me introduce you to the structure of the air suspension blower. 

 1. Regulating mechanism: The regulating mechanism is installed before the inlet of the impeller, and is composed of the shell, guide vane, connecting rod, automatic actuator, regulating diffuser, etc. The clearance between the impeller cover and the impeller ensures the normal operation of the impeller cover. Air suspension blower, automatic actuator to adjust the rotation Angle of the guide vane. Pre-rotation is performed before the cyclone enters the impeller, and the use of a regulating diffuser makes the fan's operating range wider and wider. 

 2. Impeller: The impeller designed according to the three-dimensional flow theory has high efficiency. After rigorous precision machining, the impeller is calibrated by dynamic and static balance. The strength of the impeller is guaranteed by the overspeed test of 1.15 times the rated speed. In order to meet the needs of different working conditions, the impeller material can be made of cast aluminum, forged steel and stainless steel. 

 3. High-speed rotor: high-speed rotor is composed of impeller, high-speed gear and high-speed shaft. The impeller is connected to the high-speed shaft by a tie rod, and the torque is transmitted by the end pin. In order to ensure the smooth and reliable operation of the fan, the overall balance accuracy of the high-speed rotor reaches G1 level. 

 4. Spiral shell: The spiral shell with circular section and the spiral wall is designed as a logarithmic spiral line, which conforms to the law of air flow and has little influence on the fan. As a result, the flow efficiency, vibration and noise of the fan are very low. 

 5. Gear: Add gear pairs are involute teeth. The surfaces of the large and small gears are nitrided and hardened to ensure stable fan operation at high speeds with low vibration and noise. The service life of the fan is up to 20 years.

6. Bearing: The high-speed shaft support adopts inclined pad sliding bearings, which are composed of a plurality of movable gaskets and can be deflected around the fulcrum. It has excellent vibration resistance and can be automatically adjusted according to changes in load and speed.

 7. Shaft seal: split labyrinth seal structure. Good air tightness, easy to disassemble. The seal can be replaced without removing the impeller. 

 8. Lubrication system: The lubrication system is divided into two parts: the oil tank and the lubricating oil circuit. The base of the unit can be used either as a fuel tank or with an immersion electric heater and temperature control switch to ensure the temperature of the lubricating oil. The lubricating oil circuit includes main oil pump, electric pump, double barrel filter, etc. The main oil pump is driven by low speed gear, which can provide lubricating oil to lubricate the normal pressure of gear and bearing when the unit is running normally. . 

The electric spoke pump acts as a backup oil pump by providing pre-lubrication to the system before the device is started and maintaining oil pressure during emergencies and downtime. . The oil filter has high filtration accuracy, and the air suspension blower is equipped with differential pressure alarm device.  

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