Do you know what happens when Roots blowers blow hot air?


Do you know what happens when Roots blowers blow hot air?

 In some conditions, we need to transport normal temperature gas, and the air transported at the outlet of the Roots blower is hot air. 

Usually, the hot air at the outlet of the blower is mainly caused by a variety of factors such as forced transmission temperature. 

  1. Compulsory transportation When the Roots blower is transporting gas, the blower needs to be forcibly compressed. When selecting a fan, there is a main working pressure parameter, such as 39kpa. When the blower compresses the air, it can withstand a large working pressure of 39kpa. When the working pressure of the pipeline exceeds 39kpa, the impeller acts on the gas in the fan, converting the kinetic energy of the impeller into the heat energy of the gas, and increasing the temperature of the gas. Forced air compression operation will cause heat, therefore, the exhaust gas of the blower is temperature. 

  2. Temperature When conveying gas, the temperature is usually controlled below 40°C and above 40°C. According to the characteristics of various fields of general fans, the regulations are relatively high, and there is no way to maintain excellent transportation effects. When the blower transmits gas, the inlet and outlet temperature should be kept below 100° as far as possible. If the temperature exceeds 100°, the tank must be cooled by water. If the working pressure of the blower used by people is very high, the bipolar series fan must be selected, and the cooling tower must be reformed for water cooling of the gas. 

 3, the harm of high temperature to fans High temperatures can damage the fan's fuel tank, hydraulic seals and rolling bearings. If it is serious, the fan will stop working due to the fault. In daily inspections, the temperature of the fan housing, rolling bearings and the car's fuel tank must be checked and recorded. The hot air at the outlet of Roots blower is mainly affected by many factors such as forced transmission, body operating temperature, temperature and so on, and appropriate heat dissipation measures should be taken. 

The influence of high temperature wind on the body will accelerate the loss of equipment and shorten the service life of the blower, so countermeasures should be taken.  

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