Roots fan WGLC150P-150


Roots fan features:

1. Faster maintenance

The new design makes maintenance faster and more convenient, and also greatly improves the efficiency of maintenance work.

All maintenance points are within reach by simply opening the door panels of the soundproof enclosure, and there is enough 

maintenance space to make maintenance as quick and fast as an F1 car. The volume is reasonable, and multiple blower groups 

can be installed side by side without taking up too much space. Whether it is an open unit or a soundproof unit, it can be easily 


2. High efficiency and low noise reliable design

All designs follow the design principles of high efficiency, high reliability, energy saving and low noise. Soundproof models have

 been continuously upgraded and optimized after acoustic testing to significantly improve these properties. Modular units made

 of galvanized metal sheets, each acoustical panel has a silencing treatment on the inside, and the maintenance unit is a single

 door panel located on the front of the unit, which can be removed to reach various maintenance points. This design allows units

 to be installed side by side, saving space. The sound enclosure model is equipped with a base for easy handling, and is equipped 

with a powerful small fan inside, so that the heat inside the unit is discharged in time. The inlet is equipped with a preliminary filter 

device to ensure reliable air intake without impurities.

3. Clean gas without oil

The rotor is not in contact with the rotor, the rotor and the shell, the gear and the bearing are far away from the cylinder, and the

 cylinder is clean and oil-free.

4. Three-leaf host

Three-blade rotor host, so that the pulse noise of gas backflow is almost eliminated at the source, while protecting the fan itself 

and the air supply pipeline from the impulse impact of backflow.


5. Rugged and durable

Our Roots fan hosts have higher machining accuracy and a balanced housing, and the excellent design allows the host to 

operate at higher pressures. You can choose smaller and more efficient fan rotors according to different applications, which 

greatly reduces costs and improves reliability. The faster airflow of the smaller models leads to more efficient cooling, further

 improving unit durability.

6. High reliability, long service life

The rotor, gear and bearing are not affected by impact loads, and the rotor is made of wear-resistant carbon steel for a longer 

service life.

7. Light weight, simple unit form

The single speed is very high, the structure is relatively compact, the types of accessories are less, the wearing parts are less, and

 the maintenance is more economical.

8. High precision synchronous bevel gear

High strength, high precision alloy steel helical gears, better synchronization, excellent stress absorption, smaller side voids, low 

vibration, low noise, ultra-high precision, can be quiet and more accurate transfer of power, plays an important role in the rotor's

 outstanding volumetric efficiency. The installation of the synchronous gear is carried out at room temperature, and the inner wall 

of the gear is completed after the use of 400MPa ultra-high oil pressure, so that the shaft and the gear are as one, avoiding the 

metal anomalies caused by heating installation, and ensuring that the gear falls off due to heat during operation.


Seal strip rotor

Involute seal design effectively reduces the rotor's sensitivity to inhaled polluted air and the thermal effect caused by overload, 

effectively protecting the main engine.

High-strength bearing

Large size, high-strength heavy-duty bearings, even at high speed, its load-bearing performance is also very outstanding, to ensure

 that the main engine operation worry-free.

Large oil pan

Multiple optimizations ensure more uniform and effective lubrication of each bearing and synchronous gear, efficient cooling and

 significantly reduced power loss.

Labyrinth labyrinth seal

The multi-channel wear-free labyrinth seal is equipped with specially designed pressure balancing channels to ensure that the pressure 

balance between the gas and oil circuits and the compression type is completely oil-free.


Convenient, efficient and reliable maintenance


Soundproof enclosure oil lens window

The design of the external viewing window makes it easy to observe the oil level without opening the soundproof door panel,

 further improving maintenance accessibility.

Belt guard

Standard with belt shield, safety protection considerations. Easy to disassemble and assemble, in a small shape, still retains

 enough maintenance space.

Maintenance-free belt automatically tensioned

Save the tedious operation of manual adjustment, real-time adjustment, more reliably prevent the efficiency loss and moving

 parts damage caused by skidding.

External air filter cleaning design

Unique external cleaning filter element design, only open the small window housing to complete the air filter maintenance, 

convenient and fast, save labor costs and time.


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