Roots vacuum pumpWG1500V-150


Roots vacuum pump is a booster pump, also known as Roots booster pump. Roots pump is in the 0.1-1000Pa vacuum range has a large pumping speed and low cost equipment, he can form a vacuum unit with a variety of vacuum pumps, effectively improve the pumping speed at low pressure, expand the pumping speed range of the front pump. The use of combined dry screw vacuum pumps can ensure that the pumped container is cleaner and the system is more reliable. All products are tested for dynamic balance and leakage before they leave the factory.

Roots vacuum pump Features:

1. Synchronous gear is easier to ensure synchronization, to ensure quiet and reliable operation, the synchronous gear is installed in the non-driving end to ensure the smooth operation of the pump;

2. Two-blade Roots rotor: impeller and shaft casting, can provide large size shaft and reduce the risk of impeller damage;

3. The rotor and cavity are coated with Hastelloy alloy, which is suitable for corrosive substances in the pumped medium;

4. The surface of all shafts in contact with seals is polished to reduce seal wear and thus reduce the risk of leakage;

5. Especially strong shell, suitable for reliable operation under high temperature and high pressure;

6. Both the drive end and the non-drive end have fuel tanks to ensure the reliability of lubrication;

7. The application of the cooling side liner greatly improves the durability of the bearing;

8. Lower maintenance and operating costs.



Technical parameter:


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