Main features of WG series permanent magnet variable frequency oil-free screw vacuum pump Fast pumping speed, sensitive response; ...

WG series permanent magnet variable frequency oil-free screw vacuum pump main features:

Fast pumping speed, sensitive response; The working chamber does not require oil or water to participate, and the gas emission 

is environmentally friendly without treatment costs;

In the industrial environment, the inhaled dust can be smoothly discharged from the pump with the gas, without causing failure;

Perfect internal compression mechanism, smooth exhaust, high efficiency and energy saving; Simple mechanical structure, strong 

and durable; Small maintenance, long working life.

Perfect lubrication system:

Equipped with an independent lubricating oil circulation pump, the unit starts in advance of the synchronous gear and front and

 rear end bearings full oil supply, completely eliminate dry friction. Special oil cooling marry, oil filter, ensure

Oil moisture and oil quality are in good condition, greatly extending the life of the equipment.


Convenient, reliable and efficient maintenance:

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Intake by-pass device

When the vacuum degree reaches the upper limit of the demand, the intake by-pass device is opened to maintain the intake 

volume and pressure of the vacuum pump intake port at a suitable level to ensure that the compression channel is not blocked. 

In this process, the permanent magnet motor accurately adjusts the screw speed, so that the screw host enters a low energy

 consumption state, which not only saves energy, but also ensures that the compression channel always has gas flow

Soundproof enclosure external window

The design of external observation window can easily observe the lubricating oil level of the main engine and monitor the operation

 of the unit without opening the door panel of the soundproof cover, further improving the maintenance convenience.

WG oil-free screw vacuum pump

Technical specification:


Parameter range:


WG series screw blower/vacuum pump in various fields of application:

WG series screw blower/vacuum pump is widely used in electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, building materials, pharmaceutical,

 paper, plastics, textile, environmental protection, food, medical, electronics, aerospace and other industries.

The specific applications of screw blowers are: gas transportation, material transportation, sewage treatment, aquaculture, food 

fermentation, biological engineering, flue gas desulfurization treatment in a variety of industries.

The specific applications of screw vacuum pump are: condensate system vacuum, gas collection/recovery, vacuum steaming, tank tower

 evacuation, vacuum coating, goods suction, material suction, foaming, defoaming, shaping, drying, quality, seawater/sewage purification,

 garbage treatment, sludge solidification, vacuum packaging, sterilization, filtration, impregnation, medical suction and so on.


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