Magnetic levitation centrifugal blower



Working principle: The air enters the ternary flow impeller directly driven by the maglev high-speed permanent magnet motor, 

generates kinetic energy and pressure potential energy under the drive of the high-speed rotating impeller, changes the flow 

direction, and finally enters the pipe network through the exhaust pipe.

Fan characteristics: The blower has high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor and efficient three-way flow impeller 

directly connected, no contact, no friction, no lubrication, completely eliminate the transmission loss; The impeller is made of

 high-strength aluminum/alloy, 100% X-ray flaw detection and 115% over-speed test to ensure efficient and reliable operation; 

Fan frequency intelligent control, can achieve local and remote control; The machine adopts scattering structure, compact layout

 and convenient installation.


High efficiency and energy saving

High-speed permanent magnet motor and efficient three-way flow impeller drive directly.

More than 30% energy saving than traditional Roots fan; More than 20% energy saving than multi-stage centrifugal fan;

More than 10% energy saving than single-stage high-speed

Type parameter:



Note :

1. The flow rate in the table above refers to the inlet flow rate of a single fan under 1atm,2C working conditions.

2. Each model under rated pressure, flow adjustment range 45-100%.

3. Due to different site conditions, please consult our professional and technical personnel for specific selection



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